A 15 Card Expansion of Exploding Kittens
Streaking Kittens Cards

Marvel at these 15 new blam slammin', hurdle curdlin', meat slappin', fresh and flavorful playing cards.

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Streaking Kitten Card

Meet the card that changes everything.

With the Streaking Kitten in your hand you can draw and hold an Exploding Kitten without exploding!

Think of it as an exploding kitten containment field.

Streaking Kitten Containment Base Streaking Kitten Containment Cover

Among the plethora of advantages this creates, it means if someone steals a card from you there’s a chance they could explode!

Streaking Kittens Cards

Want more? Great, we got more!

Blind your opponents with unpleasant cat butts,
turn soggy garbage into exciting trash action,
drop a catomic bomb and watch
other players soil themselves from fear...
and oh, so much more.

Streaking Kitten Card

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